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The Big Picture

Did you know that over 72% of Kansas cancer survivors who have completed their cancer treatment receive the majority of their health care from Primary Care Providers?

Doctor and Patient

Evidence-based guidelines exist for cancer survivorship care, but implementation in rural practices has fallen short. Providers describe a lack of basic awareness of risk-based surveillance, effects of cancer treatment and their management, as well as inadequate resources and growing administrative demands as reasons for not working to improve cancer survivorship care. ​In a preliminary study (iSurvive), providers expressed the need to implement guideline-informed management and follow-up for survivors in acute and extended phases of cancer care.

How will Kansurvive improve cancer survivorship?

Kansurvive provided four Project ECHO® tele-mentoring sessions led by an interdisciplinary team of specialists to facilitate learning and develop a community of practice. 


Kansurvive aims to improve cancer survivorship care delivery by helping participating practices:

  • Assess the gaps in care for cancer survivors

  • Identify the educational and training needs to help close gaps in care

  • Map workflow / data capabilities of the practice using quality measures

What does participation involve?

Learn more about the Kansurvive participant experience, expectations, and benefits to your practice.

Medical Team


This first step will include an introductory meeting with your team and ours via Zoom. It's our chance to introduce the project in a little more detail and give you plenty of time to ask all the questions.


​​ECHO Learning Sessions

The ECHO learning sessions are the intervention of this project. You and your team will attend 4 learning sessions via Zoom.

Pre- and Post-Data Collection

A representative of your clinic will conduct "light" data collection by reviewing at least 20 charts and entering information into a secure, online REDCap database. Data collection will occur prior to the ECHO learning sessions and at 15-months after the ECHO sessions have ended.

A Data Use Agreement is required in order for your to share this unidentified data with our team. Our project manager will assist with this process. 

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