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What is Project ECHO?

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Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) is a collaborative medical education model that aims to build workforce capacity in rural and underserved area.


Developed by clinicians at the University of New Mexico, the model is built upon four principals:

  1. Use technology to leverage scarce resources;

  2. Share "best practices" to reduce disparities;

  3. Employ case-based learning and guided practice to support participants in mastering complexity

  4. Monitor program outcomes.

Project ECHO® utilizes technology and a hub and spoke model to share knowledge across miles and across disciplines. The model relies on videoconferencing to link clinicians in underserved communities (spoke sites) with an interdisciplinary team of specialist providers at academic medical centers (hubs) during virtual "teleECHO™" sessions, which include brief educational lectures and case-based, experiential learning. 

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